KRC Mission Vision Value


We make intelligent robots to contribute into the development of our society.

We direct our company towards constant development.

We pursue our employees' happiness.

"The development of society" means creating value through innovation.

"Constant development" means systematic pursuit of long-term profit.

"Employees' happiness" means growth through challenges.


We are The Global Standard!


  • Beyond what we were yesterday

The world continues evolving every day. Maintaining the status quo is only degeneration.
Each of us strongly has a pride and awareness of being a star player, and let's be greedy for self-improvement.

  • It is myself who can change the future

Not waiting for someone to change.
It's yourself to change the future of a team and product.
Get information, networking, and time from yourself.

  • Full throttle

Information is always uncertain. Time passes while you hesitate.
If you decide to do it, go straight with no brake.
When you realize a mistake, you just change the direction. Nothing more.

  • Maximize added value per person

Always be conscious of sales, costs and profits.
Maximize added value per person and increase enterprise value.

  • Paves the way for achievement

Set the goal first, and then think about how we can achieve it.
Make a maximal feasible plan.

  • Go beyond customer's expectations

We exist for our customers.
Make efforts to go beyond their trust and expectations.