Company Philosophy

Our Philosophy

  • We make intelligent robots to contribute into the development of our society.
  • We direct our company towards constant development.
  • We pursue our employees' happiness.

Our Values

  • External focus

Is in tune with customers
Connects with stakeholders
Is educated on global issues

  • Flexible and logical thinking

Connects philosophy, vision, values and strategy to daily actions
Embraces and adapts to uncertainty
Understands essence, uses knowledge and instinct decisively

  • Innovation and courage

Generates and realizes innovative ideas
Takes risk for growth
Challenges with speed

  • Mutual respect

Welcomes and listens ideas, is humble
Respects different individuals and cultures, cherishes diversity
Faces each other earnestly

  • Expertise

Has domain expertise
Continuously develops self and others
Uses technology to create new values

Leaders Way

  • Practice our philosophy while keeping our values in mind.
  • Always seek new ways to achieve the goal while keeping a professional mind.
  • Think carefully how to invest money, time and people.
  • Motivate others, give important roles and responsibilities.
  • Open communication and decision making.
  • Prioritize company goals over individual or group goals.