3D Robot Vision Sensor Catalog

You can download our product catalog showcasing the TVS 3D Robot Vision Sensor. TVS uses high-speed, high-accuracy 3D recognition to automate the pick-and-place of randomly displaced workpieces. TVS can be applied in a variety of factory automation settings such as bin picking, parts feeding, parts assembly, parts alignment, and 3D position correction of workpieces. TVS can recognize many different types of workpieces, including forged, cast, die cast, sheet metals, and resins.

TVS series

  • Random bin-picking and bulk parts supply automation realized using high-speed, high-accuracy recognition

TVS4.0 series

  • World's first industrial projector with laser light source

TVS3.0 series

  • Quadruple-camera robot vision

TVS2.0 series

  • Simple robot vision with stereo cameras
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3D robot vision sensor three-dimensional recognition, bin picking, image processing, factory automation TVS 3.0 series In the field of 3D and robot vision, Kyoto Robotics Corporation offers solutions based on high-precision three-dimensional measurement technology, enhancing industrial robots with vision and intelligence in order to pick and place randomly displaced workpieces automatically. https://www.kyotorobotics.co.jp/img/factory_automation_catalog/tvs30_01.svg
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