Factory Automation Solution

Using our strength in high-accuracy 3D measurement based on machine vision, we can provide innovative solutions. We are able to overcome problems that are difficult to solve using 2D vision or traditional 3D vision. We develop and provide 3D vision sensors based on our high precision 3D recognition technology. We enhance industrial robots with vison and intelligence in order to increase product quality and reduce the amount of manual labor in factories.

3D Robot Vision Sensor Catalog

You can download our product catalog showcasing the TVS 3D Robot Vision Sensor. TVS can be applied in a variety of factory automation settings such as bin picking, parts feeding, parts assembly, parts alignment, and 3D position correction of workpieces. TVS can recognize many different types of workpieces, including forged, cast, die cast, sheet metals, and resins.


Factory Automation Video

Our product videos show examples of our TVS 3D Robot Vision Sensor cooperating with industrial robots to carry out bin picking tasks. TVS can work together with a wide range of industrial robots, such as Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Denso, FANUC Corporation, Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp, Mitsubishi Electric, Yasukawa Electric, Universal Robots and ABB.


Our Technology for 3D Vision

The principle of three-dimensional recognition we use is matching CAD data with point cloud as well as object contours. TVS uses high-speed, high-accuracy 3D recognition to automate the pick-and-place of randomly displaced workpieces. Our 3D recognition technology is patent pending.