Kyoto Robotics' Technology

Previously, Kyoto Robotics has developed the innovative 3D vision sensor "TVS", which is currently deployed in many robot bin-picking applications, and thus contributed greatly to the realization of factory automation (FA). Now, we are beginning the development of Intelligent Picking Robot (IPR) for logistics systems.

Our Technology for 3D Vision

The principle of three-dimensional recognition we use is matching CAD data with point cloud as well as object contours. TVS uses high-speed, high-accuracy 3D recognition to automate the pick-and-place of randomly displaced workpieces. Our 3D recognition technology is patent pending.


Our Technology for Logistics

Based on the vision and intelligence technology we have developed for factory automation, we are introducing a complete logistics solution. We aim to automate logistics with automated piece-picking, palletizing and de-palletizing solutions.